Trento Smart City Week 2018

On 12-15 April 2018 the Open Data Trentino Project of the Autonomous Province of Trento participated in the Trento Smart City Week. The event was an important occasion to promote some of the activities developed within the frame of an Interreg Europe project, such as the Open Data Hackabot 2018.

The event also offered an interactive platform to connect with local stakeholders on important topics like the transformation of public administration for citizens, the public informative heritage and the participatory approach to a data driven economy within a “smart” territory.

An exhibition place was set up to welcome citizens to interact with the public administration representatives and be informed about the on-line services developed based on the data that the public administration holds.

The exhibition place also hosted four public presentations of the chatbot concepts developed during the Open Data Hackabot where more than 50 young students passionate about technology participated in a 48 hours hackathon meant to develop and test solutions facilitating dialogue between public administration, private enterprises and citizens through chatbots, using open data.

Solvers, “clients”, tutors and researchers involved in the process discussed the challenges proposed by the Emergency Service Station, the Provincial Public Health Center, the Agency for Water Storage and Energy and the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The solvers presented the solutions and results developed for these four “clients” and acknowledged that this was a learning experience that enabled new and interesting synergies that need to be further developed and replicated in the future.