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Proto Challenge

Mechanical design and additive manufacturing

Proto Challenge is an initiative for dissemination and training purposes to allow companies to explore benefits and techniques of mechanical design with advanced software to improve mechanical performance and production with additive techniques. 5 products will be selected, analyzed and redesigned by teams of young talents in the course of 5 weeks.

Open innovation

The event is part of a series organized by HIT - Hub Innovazione Trentino and it involved: 

5 industrial products or part from companies
25 selected solvers divided into 5 teams
4 university departments
10 mentors between professionals and researchers
5 weeks of analysis and mechanical redesign
1 winner team!

UX Challenge 2018

A two day design sprint for digital companies

UX challenge
is a two day design sprint, engaging researchers, professionals and interaction design talents with the aim of improving the user experience (UX) of applications and software submitted by digital companies.
Teams of skilled students, young professionals and experienced mentors, work with companies to design and validate product prototypes. Indeed the UX Challenge involves end users too, which are carefully selected for testing purposes.

Open Innovation

The event was part of a series organised by HIT - Hub Innovazione Trentino and it involved:

5 university departements and education institutions
5 products from local companies
30 solvers selected to form 12 teams
12 mentors amongst UX researchers and design professionals
2 days of design and testing
1 winning team

New animation

A few weeks ago I've just discovered a new platform that creates nice RSA-type animations and I thought I should give it a try. The platform is called VideoScribe and you can see the result of my experiment below. Enjoy!
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Meet Elvis

Imagine your name is Elvis and you live in an Eastern European country. Here's a video about you...
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